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Nationwide, New Millennium is trusted as the preferred provider for steel joists, Joist Girders, and metal decking.





Our agility in steel joist manufacturing is better for your business

To us, agility means being the most flexible and proactive steel joist and metal decking supplier, nationwide. We begin by asking: What do you need and when do you need it? From there on out, each project is different and our agility delivers you much more in the discipline of steel joists and metal decking supply.


Our customers use different words to describe our agility: Our entire process is dynamic. We are driven by higher performance standards, because we take a project owner's view of total project cost-accountability and progressive project delivery. Our way of doing business is more personal and we work as a team. We keep our promises and that makes us more reliable. These definitions of “agility” add up to trust, knowing that we deliver more than steel joists and metal decking – we're helping you build your business.


Grow your business with the leader in BIM 3D steel joist design

New Millennium continues to lead the way in steel joist building information modeling (BIM). Since early 2010, our Dynamic Joist® 3D BIM component has enhanced design collaboration in real-world projects throughout North America. Grow your business by adopting a more efficient and thorough process while offering enhanced design possibilities, accelerated timelines, reduced costs, and contributions to the financial success of your project.


Our dynamic manufacturing process and engineering expertise in specialty steel joists enable us to produce unique special profile steel joist designs for you as well. We offer you the industry's first, and still the industry's most advanced, Special Profile Steel Joist Catalog.


By supporting your need for upfront collaboration, integrated project delivery, and higher project performance with no letdowns in safety, quality, production and service, New Millennium is your preferred partner for steel joists and metal decking supply.


Teamwork grows your reputation and business

We care what happens to your business. We don’t hide behind paperwork or procedures. We pick up the phone. We proactively manage the details. We refuse to let you down. Our customers say we are competitive and they mean it as a compliment. We are team players. You set a goal, we get it done, and along the way we uplift the performance of everyone involved on the project. Teamwork is important to your reputation and business growth, and we know how to win.


Relationships make all the difference in steel building design and construction

We keep our promises. When you ask for steel joists and metal decking delivered by a certain time, and we say we can do it, it gets done. We don't overlook the details that can bring a job to a standstill. We refuse to let little problems become big problems.


Project managers say it is reassuring when we are on a project. That's because we help keep a project moving and we don't let predictable things slow everybody down. That's why Fabricators, General Contractors and Design-Build Firms don't think of New Millennium as just another steel joist and metal decking manufacturer. They see us as a preferred partner on the project.


Our mission is total-project cost-accountability

When called in early on a project, New Millennium brings a unique combination of digital design and engineering expertise that can lead to a wide range of project benefits, from enhanced architectural achievement, to cost reductions and owner-developer revenue gains that may not otherwise be attained. 


Contact us to learn more about the competitive edge we can add to your business, by way of our flexible manufacturing and delivery, expanded engineering specifications for special profile steel joists, digital steel joist design capabilities, and our proven experience in BIM-based project collaboration.

Steel Dynamics, Inc

New Millennium Building Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics Inc.