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New metal deck production line at Hope answers regional demand

New Millennium announces the launch of metal deck manufacturing operations in Hope, Arkansas. The new operations fill a void in the supply of metal decking created by the recent departure of Wheeling Corrugating, once a major metal deck supplier to the region. The Hope plant will continue to drive economic growth in the south central U.S. by supporting the continued rise of steel construction throughout the region.


The expanded operations fulfill a goal of the company to revitalize and grow the production of facilities acquired by the company here in 2010. The company’s decision to invest here means the following metal deck production capacities are now available to the region:


  • 36,000 square feet of renovated metal deck manufacturing
  • Capacity to produce fourteen steel deck profiles, including F deck and all accessories
  • Highly efficient manufacturing with 300 feet-per-minute production rates
  • Metal deck lengths up to 40 feet
  • New production employment and related support staffing

“New Millennium is a growing company,” said Chris Graham, New Millennium’s general manager at the Hope, AR facility. “The new steel deck lines represent our continued investment in progressive structural steel construction both in the south central U.S. and nationwide.”


Download additional information on New Millennium metal decking production and supply capabilities:


Press Release (pdf)

Hope-NMBS Fact Sheet (pdf)


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Metal Deck production at Hope

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