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Special Profile Steel Joists

Steel Joist Institute, ANSI, Steel Deck Institute SJI ANSI SDI

Enhanced design possibilities made easy

New Millennium special profile steel joist products and specialty joists are designed and manufactured at our six plant locations in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Joist Institute.


We produce a broad range of special profiles, and make it easy to explore enhanced design possibilities. Specifying professionals can take advantage of our expertise in addition to the industry’s leading Special Profile Catalog, Online Specification Tools, and Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Special profile steel joists


Safety Data Sheets

Steel Joist SDS (99kb pdf)

Steel Joist SDS Spanish (103kb pdf)

Gable Steel Joist (GJ)

Gable Steel Joist





Flat Top Gable Steel Joist (FTGJ)

Flat Top Gable Steel Joist





Scissors Steel Joist (SCJ)

Scissors Steel Joist





Compound Scissors Steel Joist (CSCJ)

Compound Scissors Steel Joist





Bowstring Steel Joist (BSJ)

Bowstring Steel Joist





Sloped Bowstring Steel Joist (SBSJ)

Sloped Bowstring Steel Joist





Arch or Barrel Steel Joist (ARJ)

Arch or Barrel Steel Joist





Sloped Arch or Barrel Steel Joist (SARJ)

Sloped Arch or Barrel Steel Joist




Industry-leading expertise in special profile joist design

New Millennium manufacturing facilities have been specifically designed and equipped to produce a wide range of special profile steel joists. This allows us to maintain consistent quality and provide significant cost advantages. We do not compromise our manufacturing processes to accommodate special profiles. Experienced design professionals equipped with specially developed software are an important part of our staff. Additionally, our manufacturing teams and shipping personnel are experienced in all special profile steel joist products. Flexible to the Finish of the project, the entire New Millennium team is readily available to aid the owner's representatives in a timely completion of special projects.


Special profile steel joists are available with either under-slung or square ends. Due to limitations of depth and span inherent in special profiles, it is recommended that you contact New Millennium early in the design stage. (Visit our Contact Us page for individual plant contact information.) Depth limitations depend on plant-specific manufacturing, painting, and shipping issues. The shipping issues vary from project to project due to site-specific parameters and state trucking regulations. Considerable cost savings may be found by addressing these issues early in the design process. Many special profile steel joists require field splicing (horizontal or vertical), involving installation cost at the jobsite. To have a fair and accurate process, these issues are best identified and resolved prior to bid.


Design and manufacture of special profile steel joists

All New Millennium special profile steel joist members are designed and manufactured to, and use materials that conform to, the specifications of the Steel Joist Institute (SJI).


Scissors and Arch or Barrel steel joists present a horizontal thrust to the supporting structure. The specifying professional needs to give consideration to this thrust and the resulting lateral displacement in the design of the supporting structure. New Millennium engineers are readily available for consultation. Just as with any other special requirements, load and deflection requirements for these products need to be clearly specified on the contract drawings.


All special profile steel joists are furnished with no camber unless otherwise specified on the contract documents.

Design calculations prepared by a Professional Engineer registered in the state of manufacture are available for New Millennium special profile steel joists.


Erection stability and handling

Refer to the SJI Specification for LH- and DLH-Series for minimum rules guiding the erection of these special profile steel joists. Due to the fact that more degree of instability may be present in high center of gravity joists (even with no load other than self weight), such as all of the special profile steel joists, the specifying professional and erector are advised to be very conservative in determining the type and amount of bridging and bridging anchorage. At a minimum, the specifying professional and erector should be certain that before any load is allowed on the special profile steel joists:


1) All rows of bridging shall be bolted diagonal bridging.
2) Hoisting cables shall not be released until all rows of bridging are installed and anchored and both ends of the joist are attached to its support.


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