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Roof-Lines e-News 2015

August 2015 Issue
  • BIM saves money BIM saves money

    Design Ideas:

    3 BIM revelations

    We’ve made some important discoveries using BIM for steel building design and construction. Here are three game-changing revelations...

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  • Composite joist design Composite joist design

    Application Notes:

    Composite joist design

    Architects and structural engineers are still discovering: Here’s how this unique approach to steel building design can improve the performance of a building while cutting a wide range of costs.

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  • Hidden steel project costs Hidden steel project costs

    Did You Know?

    Hidden project costs

    Steel joist and deck can comprise up to 40% of the engineered steel on a building project. In the absence of design collaboration, major related costs can be overlooked. How major? You may be surprised...

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