New Millennium Building Systems

Architectural Deck

Architectural Deck Overview

Our architectural deck ceiling and cladding systems combine with exposed structural frames to create striking and spacious interiors, as well as dramatic and high-performing exteriors. Optional acoustical treatments absorb sound energy. Applications readily integrate lighting, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression systems.

  • Versa-Dek® Family Versa-Dek® Family

    Versa-Dek® Family

    Versa-Dek® gives architects and engineers creative design options that offer both structural requirements and aesthetic finishes. Design with a highly functional and versatile building element that will also enhance construction economies of almost any project. Super Versa-Dek® is fabricated as a hybrid profile for added support.

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  • Deep-Dek® Family Deep-Dek® Family

    Deep-Dek® Family

    Deep-Dek® is available as single- or double-cell (hat) units that provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials. Can be used as a secondary structural member to provide for lateral force distribution to the structure’s vertical force resisting systems. Produces a deep fluted look for dramatic underside aesthetics.

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  • Curve-Dek® Curve-Dek®


    From bold fluted to smooth lineal textures, Curve-Dek® offers variety for curved roof and canopy applications. These looks are further enhanced by Curve-Dek’s ability to provide concave and convex curvatures and acoustical properties to meet challenging demands.

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