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Versa-Dek® Family

Versa-Dek® Family of Architectural Deck

Achieve the architectural vision of your project while reducing cost and enhancing performance. The Versa-Dek® family is available in multiple sizes and profiles to create striking and spacious interiors.

  • Dovetail sidelap for concealed fastening
  • Clear spans up to 27′ (Super Versa-Dek 6.5 LS)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) up to 1.00
  • All 2″ and 3 ½″ deep roof Versa-Dek profiles (including acoustical) are ICC and FM approved
  • Versa-Wedge® hanging system for MEP components
  • Optional warranted painted metal systems

Versa-Dek® is a dovetail shaped roof deck profile that provides a clean, smooth lineal plank ceiling aesthetic while concealing sidelap and roofing fastener penetrations. Available in 2″ and 3.5″ depth profiles.

Super Versa-Dek®

Super Versa-Dek® is fabricated as a hybrid profile, providing extra depth with the same attractive appearance as Versa-Dek®. The added depth enhances the strength of the shape providing impressive span and overhang capabilities making it ideally suited for long, open interior and exterior spaces.

Super Versa-Dek®
Additional Advantages

Combine sound absorbing features and factory-applied coatings to give Versa-Dek® a desired finish ceiling aesthetic while meeting stringent acoustical and structural requirements.

The Versa Wedge™ hanger system is an economical and efficient way to install such items as suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, mechanical (HVAC) ducts and other utilities and/or equipment from the deck. Versa Wedge™ hangers are easy to install, removable and reusable allowing for future hanging capabilities. The Designer (EOR) must take into account and be responsible for proper sequence of loading including any seismic design considerations as they relate to the ultimate design of the deck.

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