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Versa-Floor™ Systems

Versa-Floor™ Applications

Versa-Floor™ Applications

Versa-Floor™ systems are engineered to optimize a wide range of mid-to high-rise applications. New Millennium is your source for design assistance, technical information and steel building systems supply. Learn how Versa-Floor™ can accelerate your construction timeline and reduce your costs on your next project.

  • Multi-story Residential
    Multi-story Residential Multi-story Residential

    Managing floor height, fire and sound control, Versa-Floor™ is a shallow-plate composite-floor solution for mid- and high-rise residences. It integrates with any beam and column or bearing wall frame. Engineered floor-openings, sleeves, hanging devices and deck chase-way spaces streamline MEP installations.

  • Commercial
    Versa-Floor commercial Versa-Floor commercial

    Cost effective and performance optimized for office, retail and academic spaces, Versa-Floor™ creates large bays designed for high-load combinations that can be structurally reinforced when heavy equipment or floor openings are added after occupancy. Architecturally exposed deck options eliminate suspended or furred ceilings.

  • Retrofit
    Versa-Floor Retrofit Versa-Floor Retrofit

    Versa-Floor™ systems are ideal for the renovation of existing buildings. Lightweight deck components allow for maximum maneuverability without resorting to heavy lifting equipment. Lightweight concrete topping option reduces loads to existing supports and foundations.

  • Healthcare
    Versa-Floor Healthcare Versa-Floor Healthcare

    Designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities, Versa-Floor™ provides high-load capacity and assures full flexibility in anticipation of occupancy changes over the service life of the building. Can be structurally reinforced to control floor vibration and support specialized medical equipment. Shallow depth helps match elevations of additions to existing facilities.

  • Parking Garages
    Versa-Floor Parking Garages Versa-Floor Parking Garages

    Co-developed with composite frame system partner Diversakore® for parking garage applications, Versa-Floor™ provides a steel-based solution that’s fire rated without protective coverings. Minimal 36″ deep beams can span up to 62′, supporting platforms that cover 3-car stall widths (27′).

  • Specialty Platform
    Versa-Floor Specialty Platform Versa-Floor Specialty Platform

    Perfect for podiums, industrial mezzanines, and arena concourses, Versa-Floor™ systems can be designed to transfer high uniform-load combinations and concentrated wall and post loads.

  • High-Rise
    Versa-Floor High-rise Versa-Floor High-rise

    Versa-Floor™ optimizes the design and construction of mid- and high-rise hotels and residences with Panelized Delivery Methods. Co-developed with W&W Steel, the panels combine steel beams and long-span deck into full grid panels measuring up to 1,200 sq. ft. The panels, safely assembled at grade, form multi-story plenum spaces to pass MEP risers after placement. Spandrel beams integrated within the slab eliminate bulkheads adjacent to glass curtain-walls.