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Application Notes 2016

Application Notes

Elevate your steel joist and deck designs with real-world application notes. Here you will learn how to manage costs while enhancing the performance of your structural steel solutions.

  • Decemeber 2016

    Cost cutting by the numbers

    We know of three proven ways to engineer costs out of a steel joist and deck project. As to how much you can save on a given project, here are some numbers that may surprise you...

    Steel joists and deck form tried-and-true systems for many roofing applications. These systems may conjure up images of distribution centers and projects considered low in design complexity; but even the most basic steel joist and deck structure is a highly engineered system, challenging the engineer to find and eliminate unnecessary costs.

    joist and deck with numbers hidden in the structure: 8.47%, 14.66%, 9.74%

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  • October 2016

    The latest story in multi-story

    This multi-story residential facility was built ahead of schedule and for less cost using a long-span composite floor system. A common approach to floor design is the use of 3-inch steel deck, providing 13 to 14 foot spans. However, this method could not meet the 20 to 25 foot unsupported span requirements specified for the project, without significantly increasing slab heights: Thicker slabs would have resulted in added building height and material costs

    Multi-story construction

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  • August 2016

    Ceiling solves 3 design challenges

    The Wall Aquatic Center at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff features an exposed architectural deck ceiling that controls noise, mitigates corrosion and uplifts aesthetics.

    Denver-based architectural firm, Sink Combs Dethlefs had a vision for their natatorium project. To minimize costs, they wanted the Wall Aquatic Center to feature a spacious interior with an exposed structural ceiling.

    Natatorium ceiling design

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  • June 2016

    Worker safety from the ground up

    Panelized Delivery Method™ (PDM) allows for expedited delivery and project completion. Workers are not subject to dangerous heights, increasing construction speed while decreasing insurance premiums.

    Hills Interior

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  • April 2016

    Bowstring joists save 14 tons of steel

    A large transportation facility needed a new building featuring a 99-ft. open span. The standard parallel chord joists as specified required more steel than necessary, so there was an opportunity for the design to be re-engineered. The main challenge was improving upon the original Engineer of Record’s joist design and geometry to decrease weight, retain function, and improve aesthetics.

    Bowstring Joist application

    For this facility expansion, nineteen 99-ft. long joists were value-engineered to remove 1,500 lbs. of steel per joist, resulting in an overall better looking roof design.

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  • February 2016

    Roofing system dampens noise, matches aesthetics

    The Fuddruckers location in Cheektowaga, New York had a unique design challenge: create an open, rustic environment using parallel chord wood trusses as a roof system support. In addition, the ceiling needed to be finished with a noise reducing system that provided a quick construction cycle, and could be color matched to Fuddruckers’ design palette.

    Versa-Dek® S Acoustical

    To meet the construction needs of this Fuddruckers location, Versa-Dek® S Acoustical was employed in the roof construction. This system is ideal for use in applications where the painted deck is exposed and provides acoustical benefits. Acoustical dampening was required for this restaurant, and Versa-Dek® S Acoustical provides noise reduction coefficients from .90 to 1.15.

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