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Did You Know? 2016

Did You Know?

Here is your resource for tips and tricks to elevate your steel joist and deck designs. Learn how to manage costs while enhancing the performance of your structural steel solutions.

  • December 2016

    The right tool is in your hands

    Engineers of Record (EOR) have long specified the installation methods for steel deck side-lap stitching and support fastening. To move beyond welding and hand tool fastening, EOR’s can usher in the use of new automated methods for safer, faster and more cost-efficient steel deck installation.

    The Steel Deck Institute (SDI) has for many years outlined the methods for steel deck installation. Based on these guidelines, specifying engineers will call out which installation method is to be used for a given project, such as the welding of the steel deck to the building frame, or the use of self drilling screws to fasten the overlapping seams of sheet-to-sheet decking.

    SST fastening of deck

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  • October 2016


    It’s easy to say… Florida’s new 3.3-mile concrete bridge project saved taxpayers money, with up to 25% less material costs using steel stay-in-place forms. When Parsons Brinckerhoff Engineering designed the 3.3-mile, $118.5-million Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge, the company asked New Millennium to provide the steel bridge deck for the project. The decision moves away from the traditional use of plywood forms for the poured concrete.

    Smart bridge design

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  • August 2016

    Lightweight frame cuts costs

    The Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC was uplifted by construction operations that continued during the four-floor expansion.

    The Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC expanded its cancer center vertically. While hospital operations continued, strategic planning to speed construction and attentive crews built the four-floor expansion.

    Hospital expansion

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  • June 2016

    How to use load and diaphragm tables

    Selecting the appropriate deck for your building project is not a standard decision. Looking at load and diaphragm tables to select the right deck for your application can significantly reduce costs.

    How to use load and diaphragm tables

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  • April 2016

    Advanced systems expand your mind

    Buildings are a collection of complex, integrated systems. To ensure the systems function together in harmony, it’s important to use design assist early on. When you have proactive engineers ready to work with you from the beginning, you can save on costs by reducing unnecessary materials, labor, and added project time.

    Versa-Floor™ Systems

    A wider range of structural systems is now available from New Millennium. With design assist and early planning, these systems will help you manage costs while achieving the aesthetics and features you want.

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  • February 2016

    Open deck spans for challenging design criteria

    Versa-Dek® floor systems provide long, open floor spans with high-structural integrity and allow for large spaces between interior supports. This system permits an open-floor plan design with adequate strength to provide the needed support against the elements. These fundamentals proved beneficial for the Regency condominium complex in Sunset Beach, North Carolina...

    Versa-Dek® floor systems

    The Regency condominium complex had several requirements for its interior ceilings and floors systems. Not only did they want to have an open, aesthetically pleasing interior, but it also needed the strength to support against high winds of up to 130 mph and to withstand medium seismic events.

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