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Did You Know? 2017

Did You Know?

Here is your resource for tips and tricks to elevate your steel joist and deck designs. Learn how to manage costs while enhancing the performance of your structural steel solutions.

  • December 2017

    NEW: Online guide makes specifying joists easier

    New Millennium’s Standard Joist and Joist Girders Design and Specification Guide is now online to help you recognize higher total-project performance and a lower total-project cost in the application of our products. Bringing the 120-page load tables document online in an interactive PDF format will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily, as well as ensure you are getting the most complete, accurate information.

    New Millennium Load Tables

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  • October 2017

    Steel Coatings and Finishes

    Extreme environmental conditions need to be taken into consideration when planning the finish of the steel elements of an application. Will the product be exposed directly, or even indirectly, to ultraviolet light? Is the application in a marine environment with potential exposure to corrosive salt spray? These environments require special finishes or coatings to protect the steel.

    Steel Coatings and Finishes

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  • August 2017

    Top Five “Did You Know’s”

    We took a look back at the last year of Roof-Lines “Did You Know” articles to recap what we think are the not-to-be-missed top five pointers. Learn how the Choctawhatchee Bridge project lowered costs with Bridge-Dek® stay-in-place forms. Read how long-span composite systems can expand your possibilities. Discover how composite systems options have evolved. See the wide range of bridge deck solutions. Open the door to new solutions for multi-story residential construction systems.

    New Millennium’s Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® stay-in-place steel form

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  • June 2017

    Boost Your Structural Steel IQ

    One way to lower the cost of building design and construction and increase the performance of your teams is to make sure you are using the latest structural steel systems and techniques. In addition, we all have professional education requirements to meet each year to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. So a great way to reach both goals is by taking a convenient, AIA/PDH credit-hour course produced by New Millennium Building Systems.

    New Millennium has partnered with Building Design & Construction University to offer easy online course options.

    Structural Steel IQ

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  • April 2017

    Spanning the Country

    New Millennium’s range of bridge deck systems, including Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® are suitable for new construction and bridge rehabilitation projects located anywhere in the United States. They both offer flexibility for developing stay-in-place form systems used in both concrete and steel bridge structures.

    Manufactured in a controlled environment, fabricated from high-strength galvanized steel, and designed to meet design requirements, both systems include 4 standard profiles and 18 matching rebar profiles that economically span distances up to 14 feet.

    System Options

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  • February 2017

    The Composite Revolution

    Steel is strong. Concrete is strong. Together, they become composite floor systems that can be used extensively to achieve cost-savings and competitive advantages that are easily quantifiable.

    The composite approach to building design and construction brings superior strength and rigidity to a variety of composite floor applications. These bonded systems allow the designer to place weight-bearing walls and columns at optimized spans for increased space and cost savings.

    Composite Steel Concrete

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