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Application Notes

  • December 2018

    Finding the Right Solutions to Complex Projects

    Complex projects can complicate your ability to stick to your budget, but there are ways to mitigate runaway design intricacies and control costs at the same time. Let us show you how.

    Register for and take the Addressing Project Complexity course to learn how to drive down the various costs of an intricate project, regardless of scale, today.

    optimum integration of MEP systems

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  • October 2018

    Control Acoustics in Multi-family Construction

    Acoustical disturbances in multi-family construction are difficult to rectify after the building is completed. The problem is best resolved in the design-engineering phase, where long-span composite steel deck slabs are a proven solution. Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) standards are often applied to residential projects. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) may also be referenced.

    Accoustical Long-span composite steel decking

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  • August 2018

    Re-Envisioned Space: Well•Spring Dining Expansion

    The hip-roofed expansion of the auditorium and dining room of the upscale Well•Spring, a Life Plan Community in Greensboro, NC, was more than creating a new space for the residents. It needed to open up the corridors to facilitate flow and better accommodate a population with a range of mobility. New Millennium’s steel solutions did that, and a central open space became a landing spot with lounge and casual seating so residents and guests can stop and linger.

    Dining Expansion Well•Spring, a Life Plan Community in Greensboro, NC

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  • June 2018

    Supporting a Live Load on Wheels

    The Cauley Ferrari dealership in West Bloomfield, MI, has a unique live load to support on the second floor of the stunning showroom and storage area: cars. The flooring system selected is composed of a 3-inch concrete slab on 2-inch composite 20-gage floor decking supported by composite joists. It was chosen for its ability to support more than 292,000 pounds of moveable live loads and span up to 50 feet without shoring.

    Cauley Ferrari dealership in West Bloomfield, MI

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  • April 2018

    Integrating New Steel into a 186-Year-Old Renovation

    Seamless integration with existing renovation infrastructure is a hallmark of New Millennium steel joists and decking … even when the building is nearly two centuries old. Bill Neikirk, design supervisor for New Millennium Building Systems, heads up the company’s participation in the renovation of a nineteenth-century church. He was intrigued at the challenge of providing steel joists and decking for the condominium conversion of the structure built in 1832.

    Church Renovation

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  • February 2018

    Over-specified, over-designed, over-engineered

    Early collaboration can save dollars by avoiding over-spending with over-designed architecture and over-specified drawings. Collaborating with joist engineers early in the life of a project can help prevent cost-overruns and shorten project timelines. An architect’s vision can often be achieved with less expensive products and systems that are quicker to install ... if only the right questions are asked.

    Illustration of over engineering

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