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Design Ideas

  • December 2018

    Spot-On Parking Garage Designs

    How do you take your parking garage beyond the standard, run-of-the-mill designs that are so common? A durable, engineered, long-span composite deck solution hits the spot and delivers ease and speed of construction; optimizes vehicle capacity and maneuverability; provides attractive aesthetics and user safety; integrates lighting, way-signing, and plumbing; limits floor-to-floor and facility height, and more while keeping your project on budget.

    Deep-Dek® Composite Deck Parking Garage

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  • October 2018

    Designing from the Inside Out

    Sometimes the best designs start from within. When the architects at RNL Design won the assignment to design the Glendale Community College expansion project in the Arizona desert, they were confronted by a unique opportunity and challenge. The opportunity was to design a visual connection to the desert outdoors. The challenge was to address factors related to the sun and climate, integrating ample daylight and surrounding views, while shading windows in a cost-efficient way.

    Glendale Community College

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  • August 2018

    Building Components as Design Features

    In downtown Vancouver, a steel and glass tower expresses its structural frame in a dramatic cantilever over Richards Street. Telus Garden unabashedly celebrates its building components as design features. The vocabulary continues inside as well. Exposed structure serves as finished ceilings. The limited palette of materials is meticulously detailed to create a minimalist design that appears effortless.

    Telus Garden Building in downtown Vancouver

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  • June 2018

    Open Learning. Open Spaces

    The University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building is a state-of-the-art instructional facility. The massive, open-learning space in the center of the 220,000-square-foot structure was framed using long-span composite floors, but shoring it up during construction proved a healthy challenge.

    University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building

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  • April 2018

    Turning Construction Upside Down

    Zoning height limitations, a neighbor's air rights, and narrow side streets may seem like impossible challenges for a luxury condominium project. But not for this 12-story development that hangs over the Lower East Side of New York, enabled by the Versa-Floor™ Long-Span Composite system. The 12-story condominium development erected in the eclectic Lower East Side of New York at 100 Norfolk has turned new construction upside down. Architectural creativity overcame strict zoning height limitations that would have otherwise put a limit on the occupancy of the parcel of land.

    12-story development on Lower East Side of New York

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  • February 2018

    The epidemic of incomplete drawings

    An unfortunate and contagious epidemic is sweeping the construction world. Aggressive timelines are creating a scourge of incomplete drawings that leaves joist manufacturers guessing at intent and unclear about direction. Owners are pushing to save cost by compressing project timelines, telling the architect to push critical details further down the stream to the structural engineer, who pushes them to the fabricator, who pushes them to the joist manufacturer. But when you squeeze a balloon, the air just goes to the other end.

    Engineers Standing of a drawing which leeds into a vortex

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