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  • December 2018

    3 Key Reasons Steel Joists Excel

    Standard Steel Joists have been a mainstay in project design for almost a century. They are unsung heroes of roofing and flooring systems with universal appeal because of their ability to save time and money. Here’s how they accomplish that.

    Single spaced joists

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  • October 2018

    Fall Arrest Anchorage Specification

    On structural steel framing projects, fall arrest anchorage and screen posts are often field attached to the top of a steel joist chord. Posts welded to thin chord angles, which act independently, can be problematic. The Steel Joist Institute does not recommend joists be used as anchorage points for fall arrest systems. It is acknowledged, however, that at times joists do need to be used for anchorage points. Recognizing the scope of this problem and related solutions can help the Engineer of Record (EOR) prevent field safety issues and control costs, while adding maximum flexibility to the installers.

    Poor field welding resulting in post tear off

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  • August 2018

    Systems for Building Schools and Communities

    As part of an ambitious $165 million school bond package passed in 2012, the Southwest Independent School District awarded Texas-based architects, Pfluger, the design of the new high school and middle school. To assist them, Pfluger called upon Alpha Consulting Engineers as the structural engineer. The design team was challenged to meet the influx of new students in this rapidly growing school district outside of San Antonio.

    Systems for Building Schools and Communities

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  • June 2018

    The Versatility of the Versa-Wedge® Hanger System

    The Versa-Wedge® hanger system is an efficient and economical way to install suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, mechanical ducts, electrical, plumbing, and other utilities from dovetail steel decking. The hanger system integrates with ceilings and floors constructed of both composite and non-composite dovetail steel deck. The system contributes to the aesthetics of a clean, crisp ceiling and aids in the ease of design early in the project.

    Versa-Wedge® Hanger System

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  • April 2018

    Sprinkler Solution Saves Steel

    Trying to squeeze the project development timeline can introduce unintended clashes, putting construction times and project costs at risk. Without the creative thinking of the steel joist design engineer, this sprinkler hanging system could have cost the warehouse owner an additional 20 tons of steel. The sprinkler system for a warehouse construction project was designed before the loading information from the Engineer of Record was supplied. When New Millennium’s design engineer Martha Johnson reviewed the drawings, she noticed they didn’t conform to the actual joist webbing configuration for the project.

    Drawing of Sprinkler System Clash

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  • February 2018

    Top five design or specification mistakes to avoid

    Construction projects, big and small, have phases. What happens during the early phases can dictate how smoothly the project will go and how much it will cost in the end. Consulting early on with your steel joist supplier can help prevent delays and cost overruns. Joe Penepent, New Millennium Sales Engineer, shares the five most common mistakes made during the design or specification phase of construction projects.

    Clouding Examples

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