New Millennium Building Systems


White Papers

  • 5th Wall Whitepaper
    5th WAll Whitepaper

    Break the barriers to project success. Even when assailed by the progressive strategies of design-build and integrated project delivery (IPD), an invisible wall keeps the non-residential construction industry from reaching its greater potential. To move beyond the fifth wall, we must first recognize that it exists – and that we now have the means to break through.

  • 7 Cost/Performance Factors to Optimize Your Steel Project
    7 Factors Whitepaper

    Achieve a better steel experience through a cost-minimized, performance-enhanced, integrated approach to structural steel building design and construction. This white paper will shift your point of view, show the way to better design with an eye on costs, and help streamline the specification process with helpful tools such as BIM 3D modeling.

  • Structural Steel Delivery Boosts Building Projects
    Delivery Boosts Building Projects

    Process improvements and novel methods for project delivery driven by the structural steel package, including labor/material reductions, fast-track delivery, BIM and IPD, as well as JIT manufacturing, result in schedule and cost advantages for commercial and institutional construction.