New Millennium Building Systems

Design-Build Firms


The time-honored approach of the master builder is fully supported by our collaborative process of steel joist and metal decking design.

We are uniquely prepared to support the design-build process by way of our distinct business advantages: flexibility in the design, manufacture and delivery of special profile steel joists, steel joists, metal decking and castellated beams.


This flexibility at every phase enables us to seamlessly support your team; to collaborate and exchange digital, three-dimensional steel joist plans using our new BIM steel joist design component, to help you control costs and schedules, and to make certain that concept-to-completion is not just a theoretical possibility, but a reality carved in steel.


  • Improve the process by improving the structural steel package
  • Achieve your architectural vision with our special profile joist designs
  • Total project cost accountability
  • Seamlessly move from concept through design collaboration
  • Detect, remove and prevent clashes before they occur
  • Quickly adjust for any steel joist or metal deck design contingency
  • Accommodate any need for staged or JIT deliveries
  • Easily adapt to changes in the project schedule
Design-Build process

Steel Dynamics, Inc

New Millennium Building Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics Inc.