New Millennium Building Systems

Developers and Owners


You need a steel joist and metal decking company that understands that proactive design cuts total project costs.

You know the sooner your project is complete the sooner revenues can begin to flow. You are looking for greatly reduced project financing based on accelerated construction timelines. You know the benefits of paying for complete drawings up front. You will pay to receive accelerated detailing and faster delivery.


You need a steel joist and metal decking supplier that understands your needs and whose mission is total project cost accountability. A company that collaborates upfront to minimize structural steel tonnage, accelerates construction timelines, and reduces costs utilizing a BIM-based approach to steel joist design. You need a company with creative solutions such as highly sequenced staging and on-the-fly flexibility. For total project cost accountability, you need New Millennium.


  • Resource for optimizing the structural steel design and construction schedule
  • BIM collaboration to accelerate timelines and minimize costs
  • Committed to the needs of the full team to ensure the success of your project
  • Produces consistent quality product for good fit at job site
  • Flexible provider catering to needs of specialty construction firms & developer / owners
  • Total project cost accountability
  • On-time delivery
Total project cost accountability

Steel Dynamics, Inc

New Millennium Building Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics Inc.