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You need to stay on schedule. We deliver our steel joists and metal decking on time, every time.

We all may share in the cost and aggravation of a complicated and time-consuming RFI process, but for now that's how most business is done. Most owners and developers are impatient and they want to keep the project moving, and we all live with the consequences. You need a steel joist and metal decking supplier that is ready, willing and able to help you address the consequences. You need a partner that is proactive about the detailing and structural engineering. You need us to ask the important questions and stay on top of a job to keep it from slowing down.


There are many GC's working to attract a different set of owners and developers who seek greatly reduced project financing based on accelerated construction timelines. These owners will pay for complete drawings up front. They will pay for accelerated detailing and faster delivery. You need a steel joist and metal decking company that understands these needs and whose mission is total project cost accountability. A company that collaborates upfront to accelerate timelines and reduce costs utilizing a BIM-based approach to steel joist design. You need a company with creative solutions such as highly sequenced staging and on-the-fly flexibility. That company is New Millennium.

Structural engineering and detailing

Steel Dynamics, Inc

New Millennium Building Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics Inc.