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ONE SOURCE for all your steel joist and metal decking supply needs


  • 24-hour-or-less turnaround on most quotes
  • Free Dynamic Joist™ digital steel joist design component
  • Optional BIM-based design collaboration
  • Cost cutting alternative designs available for no added fee
  • Dynamic manufacturing supports flexible project schedules


Lower your metal building project costs, and uplift the quality and value of your metal building projects. New Millennium is your source for the flexible design, manufacturing and delivery of steel joists and metal decking.


New Millennium offers a dedicated team to address your every need. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located across North America and offer staged or just-in-time deliveries to adjust to your timeline or changing erection schedule.


Elevate the style and aesthetic appeal of your metal building with our industry-leading special profile steel joist designs. Download our Special Profile Steel Joist catalog today.

BIM metal building project cuts costs


By utilizing Dynamic Joist™, our free BIM-based digital steel joist design component, you can simplify and accelerate the steel joist design process. In addition, we can engineer a wide range of costs out of most any project by reducing tonnage and avoiding a chain-reaction of costs for handling, lifting and erection.

Metal building steel joists and girders

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