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Accessories for metal decking

New Millennium manufactures all the metal decking accessories you need for your steel building project.

Our team can show you how to accurately specify what you need to make your steel deck installation complete and cost effective.


The following steel deck accessories are available.



Metal Decking Filler Sheet

Filler Sheet


Metal Decking Pourstop



Metal Decking “Z” Closure

“Z” Closure


Metal Decking Side Closure

Side Closure


Metal Decking Cell Closure

Cell Closure

Metal Decking Flat Plate

Flat Plate


Metal Decking Ridge or Valley Plate

Ridge or Valley Plate


Metal Decking Girder Filler

Girder Filler


Metal Decking Sump Pan

Sump Pan






Steel Dynamics, Inc

New Millennium Building Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics Inc.