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BIM 3-D Digital Joist Design


Dynamic Joist® is the leading choice for BIM-based steel joist design

New Millennium pioneered integrated project delivery (IPD) with steel joists by making BIM-based process management a reality. Since early 2010, our industry-leading Dynamic Joist® BIM component has enhanced design collaboration in real-world projects throughout the US. Our expertise in 3D steel joist modeling and process management continues to expand as we target 4D scheduling and 5D cost control measures. In the world of BIM 6D, facility owners can enjoy the benefits of life cycle management with complete digital steel joist models.


You now have the option of developing and exchanging 3Dsteel joist plans by using Dynamic Joist® with Tekla Structures. Our free BIM components contain steel joist configurations, specifications, material components, and design requirements that can be used from the planning room to the jobsite.



Manage costs, shorten timelines, and eliminate errors

Dynamic Joist® models integrate smoothly into the structural model, which in turn integrates into the building’s “master” model, where they are joined by models from other participating trades, such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical.


The BIM process fully leverages our value-added engineering capabilities, as we address a wide range of cost/value decision points, such as bridging placement and erection, evaluating and improving unusual connections, seeing where and how special load conditions can be better supported, or where an aesthetic architectural objective can be achieved using less metal and labor. The process also encompasses such cost-performance decisions as erection-synchronized steel joist delivery.


BIM steel joist design project


Trusted BIM experience you can build on

New Millennium has managed steel joist model development for a wide range  of BIM and integrated project delivery (IPD) based projects. In all cases where the project was fully BIM-based, we contributed from the early outset to the planning, design and process management of the building’s mission-critical, combined steel joist and structural steel model.


Our early participation in the design process enables us to bring to the table our growing breadth and depth of steel joist design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. This includes special profile steel joist design, enhanced by our continuing leadership in the expansion of special profile steel joist specifications. In addition, the advanced Dynamic Joist® component facilitates the efficient design of bridging and other structural elements within the combined steel joist and structural steel model.


Simplified file exchange makes BIM and IPD adoption a breeze

New Millennium can share structural steel design files with other BIM project participants using several industry standard file formats. Our Dynamic Joist component is universally sharable, regardless of the type of structural software another company is using on the same BIM project. Along with many of our collaborating participants, the steel industry is now endorsing IFC, the buildingSMART International Industry Foundation Classes file exchange format. IFC file exchange can ensure the accuracy and integrity of the steel joist information.


FREE BIM Downloads:


Dynamic Joist® steel joist design component


Dynamic Joist® v5.1
Compatible with Tekla Structures v20.1


Dynamic Joist® v5.0
Compatible with Tekla Structures v20.0 SR1


Dynamic Joist® v4.0
Compatible with Tekla Structures v19.0




Steel Deck Profile Catalog v1.0
Upgrade the deck profiles in Tekla Structures (for all versions earlier than v19.1)



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Dynamic Joist® Guide

Download our latest guide to enhanced BIM process management (594kb pdf)


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3-D BIM Steel Joist Design

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