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The leader in 3D BIM-based steel joist design proudly introduces yet another first. Built upon our engineering expertise in steel joists and metal decking, we packed the power of our latest specification catalogs into advanced web and mobile applications.


Backed by our database of SJI 43rd Edition tables and boosted by our very own economical load tables, these tools are designed to make steel joist and metal decking specification faster and easier than ever before possible.


Our new digital tools are just like our catalogs only faster. No more flipping through pages and pages of tables searching for the data you need, it’s all easily accessible on one screen.



K-Series & LH/DLH-Series tool

You have the option of designating a joist via “lowest weight” or “lowest cost” methods. Choose between ASD or LRFD design methodology, and specify U.S. units of measure or metric. Enter your specifications, click submit and instantly see the joist best suited for your application, PLUS all of its relative data.


As a guide to reducing the costs for labor and scheduling, a one-click feature allows you to view a heavier joist option built with a larger top chord and greater lateral stiffness to eliminate the need for OSHA Erection Bridging. Additional steel joist options relative to your spec are also one simple click away.


All of our new digital tools feature interactive simplicity... tabbed entry fields, drop-down menus for fast specification, plus the ability to go back and change your entries for

on-the-fly optional designations.


Steel joist mobile app

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