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Special Profile Joists

Architecturally unique roofline designs are practical and economical using special profile steel joists. Our leading development of engineering specifications enables over 40,000 special profile steel joist design possibilities. New Millennium provides comprehensive support from early design to on-site delivery.

We manufacture a complete range of special profile steel joists, including bowstring, arched, scissor, and double-pitched joists. Our special profile steel joists are designed and manufactured at our six plant locations in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Joist Institute.

Complete range of special profile joists
Special Profile Steel Joists Special Profile Steel Joists
Design considerations

Scissors and arch (barrel) steel joists present a horizontal thrust to the supporting structure. The specifying professional is advised to consider this thrust and the resulting lateral displacement in the design of the supporting structure. Load and deflection requirements for these products need to be clearly specified on the structural drawings.

  • Our engineers are readily available for consultation
  • All special profile steel joists are furnished with no camber unless otherwise specified
  • Design calculations are available, prepared by a professional engineer registered in the state of manufacture
Handling and erection considerations

Refer to the SJI Specification for LH- and DLH-Series for minimum rules guiding the erection of special profile steel joists. For these joists, the type and amount of bridging and bridging anchorage needs to be conservatively calculated. This is due to the generally higher degree of instability in these high center of gravity joists, even with no load other than self-weight. At a minimum, the specifying professional and erector should be certain that before any load is allowed on the special profile steel joists:

  • All rows of bridging are bolted diagonal bridging
  • Hoisting cables are not released until all rows of bridging are installed and anchored and both ends of the joist are attached to its support