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Steel Deck

Deck Fastening

Roof deck, form deck, and composite deck can be attached to supports using a range of methods, including automated mechanical fastening tools. Automated methods can also be used for side-lap fastening of nested steel decking.

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Automated Deck Fastening

Today’s most advanced, automated steel deck tools can accelerate deck installation to reduce costs to the project.

  • One tool can perform both side-lap stitching and support fastening
  • Significantly faster than welding and hand drilling
  • No costs for welding materials and touch-ups
  • Uniform quality and strength of connections
  • More cost-effective than shear-lock connecting systems
Traditional Deck Fastening

Deck is traditionally attached to the building frame with arc spot welds (also referred to as “puddle welds”), self-drilling screws or powder or pneumatically driven pins. Sheet-to-sheet fastening is traditionally done with screws, button punching (crimping), clinching, or welds. Welding uses a minimum visible 5/8″ diameter puddle weld, spaced an average of 12″ on center, not to exceed 18″ on center. Weld washers must be used on all deck units that are less than 22 gage. Side laps are to be fastened together between supports at a maximum spacing of 36″ on center whenever the deck span exceeds 5′-0″. Automated fastening methods follow these same requirements, with the advantage of enhanced speed and potential cost efficiencies.

More information on automated tools and fasteners

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