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Education Courses

Credit-hour course

Select from the list of online credit hour courses below. Courses will increase your knowledge of a wide variety of steel joist and deck building systems and will help you to lower the costs of building design and construction. Courses are available on our online campus at Building Design & Construction University, at Informed Infrastructure, and also at the Continuing Education Center of Architectural Record.

For larger professional groups, our knowledgeable experts can present credit-hour courses in-person at your facility. Courses are followed by an in-depth question and answer session. If you are interested in exploring an educational presentation at your facility, please contact the New Millennium Education Course Specialist.

1.0 AIA LU and 1.0 PDH

Courses available:

  • Profiles in Steel

    This course provides up-to-date knowledge of steel building systems and market trends behind their growth. You will learn about the design and engineering criteria used for systems comparison and selection; how changes in the definition of sustainability bring deeper evaluations of cost and performance; and how to determine the prevailing design and engineering criteria for a given project to arrive at the right steel building system.

  • Addressing Project Complexity

    Project complexity and cost often grow in tandem. Both can be mitigated by the early selection and detailed engineering of the structural steel building system. This course, developed as an easy-to-read article, will give you a working knowledge of structural steel building systems and the ways to drive down the various costs of complexity, regardless of scale.

  • Multifamily Market Design Methodologies

    This course covers the significance of selecting structural systems for multifamily housing buildings in regard to fire safety, cost, and comfort. You will learn how to assess the choices in exterior cladding to create multifamily buildings that create well-designed facades while assuring durability and cost effectiveness.

  • Multifamily and Tall Mixed-Use Projects

    This course will help you explain how steel structural systems are being used in multifamily structures, senior and student housing, and mixed-use developments. You will learn to how to compare thin-floor systems and long-span composite decks with traditional poured concrete structures; andhow to list the benefits of BIM, steelXML, and 3D visual collaboration tools in sustainable steel construction.

  • Fabulous Functional Flooring

    This course covers the design aesthetic and performance significance of floor surfaces as part of the overall interior design of a building. Learn how to assess the health and safety performance aspects of floor surfaces as they relate to indoor environmental quality and durability.

  • High-Performance Facade Solutions

    This course covers the range of performance requirements of a facade as part of the overall exterior design and building enclosure. Learn how to assess the fire and safety performance aspects of building facades, particularly when construction is near the property lines. Explains green and sustainable building design solutions.

  • BIM Open Web Steel Joist Design

    This course documents the cost and performance advantages of BIM when applied to steel joist design. Successful BIM joist design process management is demonstrated and independent research is shared regarding the need for greater adoption of BIM-based steel joist and deck design.

  • Design-Build: Steel Joists and Metal Decking

    This course defines a range of project cost and performance improvements achievable by the design-build approach to steel joist and deck design in commercial steel construction. Learn the fundamentals of engineering for total-project cost control, from tonnage reduction to a related chain reaction of costs.

  • Progressive Steel Joist and Metal Decking Design

    This course takes a building owner’s perspective on the range of cost and performance improvements that are possible when using a more design-analytical and collaborative approach to steel joist and metal decking construction.

  • Optimized Steel Deck Design for Steel Building Construction

    This course reviews the range of steel deck types, their profiles and distinguishing features. Learn terms for specifying steel decking. Understand the role of the steel deck detailer, the deck detailing process and its value to a project. Identify the contributions steel deck can make to aesthetics, structural performance, and overall project cost reduction.

  • Composite Floor Systems

    In this course, your team will learn to describe how composite floor systems reduce costs and simplify construction and how they have been used in various building types. You will gain the knowledge to confidently discuss how long-span deck systems achieve open structures as well as how to talk about the benefits and applications of composite joist and deck in floor systems.