Deep-ribbed composite system for multi-story structures

Deep-Dek® Composite

Improve cost efficiency and performance in multi-story buildings

Deep-Dek® Composite System office space interior
Create impressive clear spans, shallow floors and dramatic looks

Our longest-spanning composite floor system capable of reaching 36 feet with slabs as shallow as 7.635 inches, Deep-Dek Composite makes wide-open interior spaces possible. The deep-ribbed steel deck profile creates a dramatic aesthetic while providing tensile strength to the composite slab. A deep-ribbed composite system, its shape creates a dramatic aesthetic while also giving the deck its strength. Deep-Dek Composite features patented side-lap connections to achieve its composite bond with light- or regular-weight concrete toppings.

Deep-Dek Composite 4.5
Deep-Dek Composite 4.5 Drawing
Deep-Dek Composite 4.5 Dimensions
Deep-Dek Composite 6.0
Deep-Dek Composite 6.0 Drawing
Deep-Dek Composite 6.0 Dimension
Deep-Dek Composite 7.5
Deep-Dek Composite 7.5 Drawing
Deep-Dek Composite 7.5 Dimensions
  • Use in combination with any support method
  • Meets serviceability demands for fire, vibration and sound control, MEP integration, etc.
  • Fast, safe and cost-effective installation ... optional panelized methods
  • High acoustical performance options ... STC and IIC between occupied spaces or NRC within the space
Steel deck design tools

Our deck design tools make deck specification easier and help you find the most cost-effective deck for your application.

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Attractive dovetail-deck option

Versa-Dek® Composite is a dovetail deck system that facilitates a vast array of architectural and structural design possibilities.

Case Study
Franklin School exterior

Photo credit: Difference engine / CC BY-SA

Historic conversion is talk of the town

Deep-Dek Composite helps turn historic school into Planet Word language museum in Washington, D.C.

Cover of Deep-Dek Composite Brochure
Deep-Dek Composite brochure

Get full details and learn more about the capabilities of Deep-Dek Composite systems.

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