Superior WN-Series wood nailer joists with glued finger joint splices

WN-Series Wood Nailer Joists

Hybrid wood-on-steel roof systems

Wood Nailer Joists
Glued finger joint splices make our wood nailer joists stronger, stiffer, more efficient

WN-Series Steel Joists revolutionize the wood nailer joist market prevalent in the Western states of California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Unique in their design, our WN-Series Joists are open web steel joists with continuous 2½ (or 2)-inch-thick wood nailers using glued finger joint splices to maintain structural continuity the full length of the joist. This innovative design produces a stronger, more-efficient, better-performing joist.

A steel and wood hybrid product, WN-Series Joists facilitate installation of wood decking over steel joists in the field. They are available in two profiles: parallel chord and single-pitched top chord. Both profiles are available with underslung or square ends with pitches up to 2 inches per foot. Overall depths from 26.5 inches to 50.5 inches and spans from 24 feet to 70 feet.

  • Enhance top chord lateral stiffness for safer handling, assembly, and erection
  • Minimize nailer widths for more consistent sub-purlin cut lengths
  • Reduce joist marks due to increased concentrated load flexibility
  • Utilize tension-controlled design for increased load sharing under extreme gravity over-load conditions
Wood Nailer™ Joists Close Up
Wood Nailer™ Joists Close Up
Load tables

Get our latest design and specification guides PDF with up-to-date standards and load tables.

ICC reports

ICC-ES Evaluation report ESR-3376 certifies our wood nailer open web steel joists comply with building codes.

Credit hour: Deeper joist design insights

An intermediate-level course designed to make engineers become more-informed steel joist specifiers.

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WN-Series Joists brochure

Gain insights about our wood-nailer joists, including technical details and charts illustrating their performance advantages over conventional wood-nailer joists.

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