Put the finishing touches on your steel deck project

Deck Finishing

Put the finishing touches on your steel deck project

Close up of finish on deck
Galvanized and Primer Options

Finishes are available as primer-painted or galvanized. The standard primer-painted finish is gray on the top and bottom sides. The galvanized finish is available in G30, G40, G60 and G90 coatings.

Steel deck also can be furnished with bright-white primer bottom sides and either primer-painted or galvanized topsides. The primer-painted finish protects the steel for a reasonable installation period while exposed to ordinary atmospheric conditions and shall be considered an impermanent and provisional coating. To avoid condensation, store steel deck off the ground with one end elevated and protected from the elements with a ventilated, weatherproof covering.

Clear-Coated Exposed Metal Finish
Drawing of Clear-Coated Exposed Metal Finish Deck
Pre-Treatment plus Primer Coating
Drawing of Pre-Treatment plus Primer Coating Deck
Finish Coating Systems
Drawing of Finish Coating Systems Deck
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