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Stuctural Steel Image
Structural Steel Building Systems

Build a better steel experience. New Millennium offers you the broadest range of steel building systems to meet the growing demand for new advancements in aesthetic design, functional spaces, positive environmental outcomes and overall project cost containment.

Long-Span Brochurte Cover
Long-Span Composite Systems

To optimize your next multi-story project, choose one of our three long-span composite floor systems that combines the speed and versatility of steel with the performance and durability of concrete. Each of our long-span systems minimizes floor heights and creates open spans that facilitate design flexibility.

Versa-Dek®Long-Span Composite Systems Cover
Versa-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems

A versatile, long-span composite floor system for multi-story construction. The dovetail profile of Versa-Dek® keys to concrete, creating a superior composite bond. Because more concrete is placed in the bottom of the deck, the total slab thickness needed to achieve fire ratings is the shallowest available.

Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems Cover
Deep-Dek® Long-Span Composite Systems

Engineered for a wide range of multi-story applications, Deep-Dek® Composite is a long-span composite floor system for spans up to 36 feet, allowing for unobstructed space design. Shallow-depth floors weigh less and install quickly.

Steel Deck Full-Line Brochure Cover
Steel Deck Full-Line Brochure

Whether it’s roofing, flooring or ceiling solutions, New Millennium offers structural and architectural deck systems in a wide range of profiles and depths plus a variety of finishes that satisfies your project’s unique demands.

Architectural Deck Ceiling Cover
Architectural Deck Ceiling and Cladding Systems

Primed and painted steel building systems engineered for exposed surfaces and acoustical applications. Match the aesthetics of the building with time- and cost-saving systems designed for long-lasting performance.

Standard Steel Joists and Joist Girder Cover
Standard Steel Joists and Joist Girders

Steel joists and joist girders are the tried-and-true, go-to components of your roofing and flooring system. New Millennium engineers and manufactures a full range of joists, including composite joists for multi-story construction.

Specialty Joists Cover
Specialty Joists

Move beyond boring, big-box structures and create visually stunning, high-performing projects with more than 40,000 specialty steel joist designs. Our gable, bowstring, scissor and arch joists are optimized for unmatched cost and performance.

Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® systems Cover
Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® Systems

Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® systems offer flexibility for developing stay-in-place form systems used in concrete and steel bridge structures. Both systems offer efficient methods for forming deck slabs in new construction and bridge rehabilitation projects.

Versa-Dek® profile
Introduction to Versa-Dek® Dovetail Deck

Versa-Dek® is a family of dovetail-shaped roof deck profiles that creates a clean, smooth lineal plank ceiling aesthetic while concealing side-lap and roofing fastener penetrations. Available with optional acoustical treatments.

Deep-Dek® and Deep-Dek® Acoustical Cover
Introduction to Deep-Dek®

Deep-Dek® and Deep-Dek® Acoustical are deep-fluted roof deck profiles that provide design teams unparalleled freedom in open-space design. Deep-Dek® Cellular and Cellular Acoustical offer a smooth surface quality.

NW32 Deck Cover
Introduction to NW32® Deck

NW32 is the widest of our type N roof decks. At 32 inches, NW32 facilitates large, open spaces uninterrupted by supporting columns or walls. It is ideal for structures such as gymnasiums and convention centers.

Curve Dek
Introduction to Curve-Dek®

From bold fluted to smooth, lineal textures, Curve-Dek® offers variety for your design. In addition, Curve-Dek® has concave and convex curvatures and acoustical properties to meet challenging demands.

Versa-Wedge® Brochure
Introduction to Versa-Wedge®

Hangers integrate with our Versa-Dek® roof deck and composite floor deck to facilitate the installation of suspended loads. Reliably suspends ceilings, mechanical ducts, light fixtures, MEP and more.

Flex-Joist Brochure

Flex-Joist™ tension-controlled open-web steel joists are engineered to exceed standard steel joist design for strength, reliability and ductility. This alternative design approach provides consistently higher steel joist performance at an affordable cost.

WN-Series™ Joists Brochure
WN-Series Joists

Discover the superior wood-nailer joists for wood-on-steel roof systems. The unique design of our innovative WN-Series™ Wood Nailer Joists make them stronger, stiffer and more efficient than conventional wood-nailer joists.

Warehouse and steel joists
Engineering data centers and warehouses
Informed Infrastructure

When specifying steel joists, steel joist girders and steel roof deck in data centers and warehouses, here are three ways to build speed into the project while assuring long-term flexibility for the building owner or developer.

Natatorium and steel joists
Steel joists and deck stand up to natatorium conditions
Informed Infrastructure

Indoor pools or natatoriums present unique building design challenges: How to address humid, corrosive environments and the ambient noise created in these cavernous structures. Steel joists and steel deck are the answer.

RFI notes
Top 10 design and specification mistakes to avoid

What happens in the early phases can dictate how smoothly construction projects will go and how much they will cost. Consulting early with the steel joist supplier can help prevent delays and cost overruns by avoiding these common mistakes.

Steel Deck
Steel deck FAQs

From substituting screws in place of welds to field curving vs. shop curving of steel roof deck, New Millennium engineering specialists answer some of the questions they are most often asked about steel roof and floor deck.

Diaphragm drawing
Steel deck diaphragm design 101

Steel roof and floor deck diaphragm design requires careful attention to load paths, stiffness variations, fastener types and regional preferences. The next time you design a project with a diaphragm system, be sure to consider all the details.

Exterior Las Vegas Convention Center
Steel roof deck shows off its curves in Las Vegas
Informed Infrastructure

The architects behind the new West Hall at Las Vegas Convention Center had grand visions. They used type N steel roof deck to create a wavy roof inspired by the nearby mountains. Inside, dovetail roof deck covers a massive 1.4-million-square-foot main exhibit hall.

Drawings of cantilevered joist girders
Cantilevered frame design utilizing joist girders

The size and complexity of cantilevered hangar designs present unique engineering challenges. Using massive steel trusses and other structural elements can increase project costs. Steel joist girders, along with steel joists and deck, are a cost-effective solution.

Atrium of school
Open your eyes—and mind—to new school design

In today’s environment, there is an urgent push to create open, safe learning spaces that are flexible and adaptable. Design teams now have a new assignment to complete. See how steel joists and long-span steel deck systems are the answer.

Warehouse with draing overall of wall thickness diagram
Warehouse checklist for success

As e-commerce experiences tremendous growth, so too does warehouse and distribution center construction. Here are five ways to improve construction efficiency, shorten project timelines and reduce total-project costs.

Roof joist girders ranging up to 128 feet in length and nearly 15 feet
Texas-sized joist girder: A new flat roll steel mill ...

How does an engineer design a roof to support 24-foot-diameter exhaust ducts? That was the challenge of the melt shop at the new Steel Dynamics, Inc. flat roll steel mill in Texas. Altogether, the project required nearly 500 joist girders.

Exterior of Aloft Hotel Ocean City
Aloft Ocean City

Architect Keith Iott used dovetail long-span composite floor deck to help maximize space, save 2.5 to 3 months in construction and eliminate $1.5 million to $2.5 million in construction costs at the first-of-its-kind Aloft Ocean City hotel.

Composite Joists
Composite steel deck-slabs with supplemental ...

Read about the different strategies for achieving economical composite slab designs by adding steel reinforcement and get practical guidelines for the design of composite slabs with supplemental reinforcing bars.

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