Automated and traditional fastening for steel deck

Deck Fastening

Roof deck, form deck and composite deck fastening

Close up automated deck fastening
Traditional and automated deck fastening using a range of methods

New Millennium roof deck, form deck and composite deck can be attached to supports and at side laps with welds or with mechanical fasteners such as power-actuated fasteners and screws.

Deck attachment patterns are designed by the engineer of record. The type of fastening system used will depend on the uplift capacity, diaphragm shear capacity and the thickness of the supporting members. See our deck catalog for typical fastener layouts.

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SST Deck Fastening
Automated deck fastening

Skip back-breaking welding and hand-tool fastening with an automated tool for steel deck installation. Automated tools provide a range of project benefits. They can be substantially faster than spot welding or hand screwing and drilling. They eliminate welding costs, including the need for certified welders, equipment, touchups and related safety precautions. They are ergonomic, eliminating the back-breaking practice of bending over to hand-drill and screw each side-lap connection.

  • One tool for side-lap stitching and support fastening
  • Engineer of Record (EOR) must specify this method
  • More cost-effective than shear-lock connecting systems
  • Uniform quality and strength of connections
Traditional deck fastening

Steel deck is typically attached to the building frame with arc spot welds, self-drilling screws, or powder or pneumatically driven pins. Sheet-to-sheet fastening is traditionally done with screws, button punching (crimping), clinching or welds.

Case Study
Deck fastening hand power tool being held by installer
Put the right tool in your hands

Automated methods of steel deck side-lap stitching and support fastening eliminate a range of costs associated with welding.

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