NewBay™ steel joist bridging is faster and cost-effective

NewBay Bridging System

Your bridge to faster, cost-effective metal building construction

NewBay™ Bridging
No welding needed—self-drilling fasteners install with standard hand tools

Install steel joist bridging quickly, easily and more cost-effectively using the NewBay™ bridging system. NewBay™ can be used for joist spans of up to 60 feet with Steel Joist Institute-approved steel joists. The NewBay™ advantage comes from the accompanying self-drilling screws that allow it to be installed in seconds using standard hand tools.

How much faster and economical is NewBay™ bridging vs. clamp-and-weld bridging? Here is an example of the cost and time reductions possible on a typical project to enclose a 50’ x 180’ mezzanine, with joists spaced 2’ on center.

Cost and time reduction chart

The unique NewBay™ bridging system adapts to designs accommodating all manner of loading conditions, roof-top loading and construction needs. It removes the need for welded termination bridging, requirements that have plagued metal building erection for years.

Newbay being istalled
Case Study
NewBay™ steel joist bridging system
A few seconds equals thousands saved

The ease and speed of NewBay™ bridging installation can eliminate thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Newbay™ Bridging Systems Cover
Faster to the finish

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