N deck roof deck spans large spaces economically

N Deck

Span large spaces economically

N Deck
Versatile and high-performing, N deck facilitates the design of structures requiring open spaces

N deck is a 3-inch roof deck that makes large open spaces possible in structures such as gymnasiums, limiting the number of structural supporting members required. It is available with nested side laps or interlocking side laps in standard and cellular configurations with acoustical deck options. Its various profiles can create unique ceiling appearances.

Standard N Deck

N deck is available in lengths from 6’-0” to 40’-0”. Check with your local New Millennium facility for lengths outside these parameters. Conforms to ASTM A1008/A1008M for uncoated and painted deck, A653/A653M for galvanized deck. Approved by UL, ULC and listed in the UL and ULC Fire Resistance Directories.

Yield strength up to 80ksi. Refer to published tables for the minimum yield strength used for each deck type. Contact New Millennium for availability of higher yield strengths when required or use our deck specification tool to view load tables with commonly available non-standard yield strengths and/or gages.

Standard N Deck
Standard N Deck Drawing
Standard N Deck Dimensions
Standard N Deck Acoustical
Standard N Deck Acoustical Drawing
Standard N Deck Acoustical Dimensions
N-Dek Drawing
N-Dek Dimensions
NA-Dek Acoustical Drawing
NA-Dek Acoustical Dimensions
  • N, NA, N-Dek and NA-Dek available with nested side laps
  • Available as an acoustic deck manufactured with perforations in the vertical ribs, type NA having an NRC rating of 0.60 to 0.95 when used with rigid roofing insulation
  • N and NA-Dek are FM-approved for use as a component in Classes 1-60, 1-75 and 1-90 wind uplift construction
  • N and N-Dek are UL-, FM- and ICC-approved. NA-Dek is FM- and ICC-approved
Cellular N Deck

N-Dek Cellular is a 3-inch-deep, cellular structural roof deck unit that provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials. The liner panel with the Dek-Knek® Side Lap Attachment System provides a finished underside ceiling with self-aligning side laps and concealed fasteners. N-Dek Cellular Acoustical features a perforated liner panel that provides an NRC value of 0.95 with rigid insulation. Fiberglass insulation batts are installed in the deck cells at the factory under controlled conditions.

N-Dek Cellular
N-Dek Cellular Drawing
N-Dek Cellular Dimensions
N-Dek Cellular Acoustical
N-Dek Cellular Acoustical Drawing
N-Dek Cellular Acoustical Dimensions
  • Available in 24 ½″ cover width
  • Available in seven steel gage thicknesses (see load tables) with various deck/liner panel thicknesses, a variety of galvanized coating weights and an array of paint systems
  • N-Dek Cellular Acoustical available with optional plastic lath to protect the acoustical properties of the deck when painting in the field
  • Types N-Dek Cellular and Cellular N-Dek Acoustical are ICC-, FM- and UL-approved
Inverted N-Dek

Inverted N-Dek is the 3-inch N-Dek profile placed in the inverted position for a unique ceiling aesthetic that provides a smooth ceiling appearance with heavy shadow lines. Inverted N-Dek Acoustical is a 3-inch deep, wide-rib, inverted, acoustical structural roof deck unit that provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials with an NRC of 0.80 when used with rigid roofing insulation.

Inverted N-Dek
Inverted N-Dek Drawing
Inverted N-Dek Dimensions
Inverted N-Dek Acoustical
Inverted N-Dek Acoustical Drawing
Inverted N-Dek Acoustical Dimensions
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