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Accessories to complete your every steel deck project

Deck Accessory
We offer standard and special steel deck accessories to meet various project needs

New Millennium offers a variety of standard and special steel deck accessories to complete your steel deck projects, including ridge or valley plates, filler sheets, Z closures, pour stops and more. For applications using Versa-Dek® dovetail profiles, Versa-Wedge® is the fast and economical system for hanging suspended loads.

Hangers for Versa-Dek® roof and floor systems

Versa-Wedge® is the efficient and economical way to install suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, mechanical ducts, electrical, plumbing and other utilities from dovetail steel decking. The hanger system integrates with ceilings and floors constructed of both composite and non-composite dovetail steel deck.

Versa-Wedge® drawing
Versa-Wedge® Illustration of installation in roof deck
  • Quick to install and adjust on site
  • Suspends loads from dovetail steel deck ceilings and floors
  • Easy to remove or reposition in the future
  • Reliably suspends ceilings, light fixtures, MEP and more
  • Options for up to 1,000-pound load capacity
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Versa-Wedge® sheet
Versa-Wedge® data sheet
Steel deck accessories
Filler Sheet
Filler Sheet Drawing
Ridge or Valley Plate
Ridge or Valley Plate Drawing
Flat Plate
Flat Plate Drawing
Pourstop Drawing
Girder Filler
Girder Filler Drawing
Cell Closure
Cell Closure Drawing
"Z" Closure
Z Closure Drawing
Sump Pan
Sump Pan Drawing
Side Closure
Side Closure Drawing
  • G60 galvanized coating as a minimum
  • Furnished in 10-foot lengths
  • Stock accessories are 20 gage, U.N.O.
  • Special light-gage accessories made of 304 stainless steel
Deck Accessory sheet
Deck accessory details

Download our standard deck and roof accessories details. Includes information on fastening for installation.

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