Create the strongest side-lap connections on B-deck | Rolling Electric Deck™ tool

RED Side-lap Connections

Clinch the strongest interlocking B-deck side-lap connections

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The only deck tool on wheels

Creating the strongest side-lap connections just got easier. Say hello to RED™, the Rolling Electric Deck tool, the industry’s first and only battery-powered deck tool on wheels. RED™ has an ergonomic design that’s easy on your back, enabling users to effortlessly and consistently clinch the industry’s strongest, stiffest side-lap connections on interlocking B deck (BI). Running on battery power, RED™ eliminates cords and hoses—and the risk of tripping or getting all tied up.

Now you’re rolling ...

Tested and proven to create the strongest connections

Third-party evaluation reports confirm RED™ outperforms competing tools, making stronger, stiffer side-lap connections.

RED™ Test data key
RED™ Stiffness Bar Chart
RED™ Strength Bar Chart Bar Chart
Operator using RED™ on B-deck
RED™ clinch on b-deck
Two operators using RED™ on job site
Complete large-scale jobs efficiently

RED™ really shines on high-square-footage projects. Its ease of use means you’ll do less work to achieve the strongest, most consistent side-lap connections while its ergonomic design will improve the efficiency and performance of your personnel.

Visual verification

When it comes to confirming your side-lap connections, RED™ does the work for you. A green light will appear with an audible tone when you’ve completed a clinch. Users can then easily verify a successful connection with a simple visual inspection: You should see three plies at the point of connection and light should be able to shine through a complete connection.

  • BI deck available in gages 22, 20, 18 and 16
  • No screws or welding, eliminating marring and preserving the look and finish of the deck
  • No sharp edges, reducing the risk of injury and of costly mishaps on the job site
  • Make side-lap connections in accordance with ICC-ES Report ESR-3818
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